Sad news- Mike Slone passed away

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Welcome to TTAD! What ya'll Doing?
kenh: I'lll take that over a cheeseburger any day, John! Good choice!! Love chiles rellano! Sept 18, 2023 16:33:00 GMT -5
saltsprings: Amen to that.....I've been looking for Poblano peppers luck. Sept 18, 2023 16:39:45 GMT -5
clawhammer7: That's ok, John...a chile relleno can be a Mexican cheeseburger...sort of..... Sept 18, 2023 17:24:01 GMT -5
clawhammer7: Yer lookin' in the wrong places, Salt...Come on over to Texas...yer sure to find 'em here.... Sept 18, 2023 17:27:25 GMT -5
kenh: Heck we've even got Poblanos down here in Fort Myers... and theveggie markets over in Immokalee Sept 19, 2023 6:22:53 GMT -5
saltsprings: You would think Publix would have them.......there used to be a Mexican Grocery in Ocala, but now it's moved about 60 miles from here, go figure. Sept 19, 2023 15:59:52 GMT -5
richard: Hey Salt---did you loan your resident bear to Disney World? I heard they had one a couple days ago. Sept 19, 2023 19:04:58 GMT -5
saltsprings: Yup, they did and they captured him and brought him/her up to this neck of the woods. Did you read about the Amazon driver bit by a Diamondback Rattler that was on a porch when she dropped off a delivery? She's in tough shape. Sept 20, 2023 0:49:29 GMT -5 *
saltsprings: Sept 20, 2023 2:12:29 GMT -5
clawhammer7: That was a big 'un...Hope the driver's ok..... Sept 20, 2023 9:29:50 GMT -5
richard: Hope that delivery driver will be okay. That is such a danger where rattlesnakes live. Sept 20, 2023 19:17:23 GMT -5
saltsprings: Yup, I remember dispatching a monster of one on Crosslink road in Raleigh, back in the day when I was a cop on the midnight shift. Sun came up and kids were starting to walk along side the road and that rascal was right out there with a bad disposition. Sept 20, 2023 23:12:16 GMT -5
saltsprings: I should have added that that was 51 years ago, before all that development out was all swampy along that section of road. Sept 21, 2023 8:04:03 GMT -5
johnknopf: I was a mere child in ninth grade back then, before I discovered dulcimores. Sept 21, 2023 8:27:57 GMT -5
clawhammer7: I'm still a mere child.....Ya gotta think young...keep yer mind active...You might have all the aches, pains, and mis'ries,but keep yer sense of humor; spend yer kids' inheritance; now THAT's funny! (rofl) Sept 21, 2023 16:05:36 GMT -5 *
johnknopf: Got no kids, nor wife for that matter. Or dependents. Just my faithful barnacles, leeches and tapeworms. Sept 21, 2023 16:46:31 GMT -5
clawhammer7: Maybe you oughta see a veterinarian 'bout them worms, John...for them barnacles, I'm afraid you're on your own..... Sept 21, 2023 22:30:02 GMT -5
johnknopf: "Gmar hatimah tovah", Claw! Sept 24, 2023 13:43:32 GMT -5
clawhammer7: Todah Abah, John! Sept 24, 2023 15:15:59 GMT -5
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